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85% of Drivers do not know what to do at a Yellow Light!

A lot of what we do here at has to do with education.

Recently, GMAC Insurance conducted a study regarding drivers knowledge across the nation. The study can be found at and the results are disturbing. One in five drivers would not pass a WRITTEN driving test today if they were required to take it. That truly is a scary number. 85% of the drivers did not know what to do when approaching a yellow light. As you probably suspect, a number of people said speed up so it does not turn red.

The problem with this general lack of education is that driver safety training is simply not valued as much as it should be. If we had our way, every individual would be required to take or provide proof they had taken some type of online driver safety program every 10 years. This way, we would at least be requiring ongoing driver education for one of the most dangerous activities we do amongst each other every day and there would be more overall knowledge in the millions of drivers taking to the roads.

A video from our award-winning video course, Wheels in Motion is below. So, if for nothing else, take one of’s courses, either for ticket dismissal or for discounts for auto insurance or simply to educate yourself on becoming a safer and smarter driver! Yielding